Bridging the Rift #1: Torchwood: What Happens Next?

July 30, 2009

Subwave Network album artFollowing the dramatic events of Torchwood: Children of Earth, this episode we’re looking at the creative reaction and discussing what might happen next with Torchwood series 4, including a discussion of if there should even be a series 4 at all.

Our guest panellist is Liz from Doctor Who fan fiction archive A Teaspoon And An Open Mind also known as Calapine on LiveJournal.

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Show Notes


We briefly discuss feedback to our backdoor pilot episode, Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway: The Ballad of Jack and Ianto (See the comments on that post for an excellent follow up discussion).

Creativity Corner

After Torchwood: Children of Earth, we look at fan creative reactions to ‘the unhappy event’:

uWho: Children of Earth Day 3 comic by spune-who on deviantART.

Children of Earth – Mad World by YouTube user MusicDoll28 aka lourdes228 on LiveJournal.

Endgame off the Board (Or, The Life and Times of Pieces Already Taken) by Elliptic Eye on LiveJournal.

Partial silhouette pencil Torchwood drawings by deviantART user illgetmerope.

We also listen to a brief clip of Lloyd in the Void by Technicolour Chaos available in full from their MySpace and also on the soon to be released Trock On compilation album (see links in Trocking Out below).


We discuss various characters and whether we’d like to see them back in series 4: Official BBC character key.

We speculate about if there’ll be a series 4: Comic Mix reports that BBC America reported that Torchwood was picked up for series 4, as yet no one else has confirmed or denied this.

We quote small extracts from the Ausiello Files interview with Russell T Davies at about the involvement of Jack and if it’ll be a mini series.

We talk about other ideas for continuing Torchwood instead of a straight on present day series: Nat’s ideas on the subject, as previously posted on LiveJournal.

Next Time

In episode 2 we’ll be discussing fandom’s reactions to the new Eleventh Doctor costume, Amy Pond, the Tardis exterior and the series 5 or series 1 naming controversy. There’ll also be more Time Lord Rock and plenty of other creative pursuits!

Trocking Out

We play out with When Autons Attack by Turn Left, which is on the up coming Time Lord Rock compilation album Trock On available for pre-order from DFTBA records and from 6th of August from Amazon MP3 and soon after from iTunes.

Thanks to Georgia of Turn Left for kind permission to use this track. We recommend you also visit Georgia’s excellent Time Lord Rock News, a fantastic source of information on new trock songs, bands and releases.


Bridging the Rift #0 – Promo

July 28, 2009

Subwave Network album artA 90 second promo ‘episode 0’ is now live on the feed!

Apologies for the audio quality in this recording, making us sound like we’ve been auto-tuned or replaced by android copies of ourselves – this was our first attempt at recording or editing a podcast. We’re working on making episode 1, due out later this week, crystal clear!

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Coming soon…

July 23, 2009

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