Bridging the Rift #2: 11th Doctor 1st Filming Photos

Subwave Network album artWhen filming for the Matt Smith 2010 series of Doctor Who began, we were treated to the first pictures of the Eleventh Doctor in costume and in character, as well as our first look at the new companion and a newly regenerated Tardis exterior. Without mentioning plot spoilers, we discuss the fandom’s reaction to these and speculate about what they mean.

We also look at the surprising news that series 5 will be produced and marketed as ‘Series 1’.

Our guest panellist is Erik, previously heard on our Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway ‘Pilot’, who can be found on Twitter as @sjcaustenite.

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Show Notes


We recorded this episode immediately after releasing episode 1 due to Nat attending a convention. However we discussed:

@ 3 minutes – Could Torchwood series 4 be filmed and set in America? Based on comments by LiveJournal user the-magician.

@ 7 minutes – We responded to an interview with io9 where RTD confirmed that any future series would definitely be in the mini series format.

Creativity Corner

@ 14 minutes – We look at the first fan art responses to the Eleventh Doctor’s costume and discuss the difficulty of creating fan art and caricatures with only still images or publicity photos:

@ 27 minutes – We look at location filming ‘cat macros’ from LiveJournal community I Has A Tardis:


We have a plot-spoiler-free but speculation-filled discussion about the first location pictures:

@ 31 minutes – The Eleventh Doctor’s costume

@ 50 minutes – Amy Pond’s name and costume

@ 58 minutes – The revamped or ‘reset’ Tardis Exterior

And then:

@ 1 hour 8 minutes – We look at the fan reaction to news from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine that the 2010 series will be marketed as ‘Series 1’.

Next Time

@ 1 hour 13 minutes – As this week marks the first anniversary of the ‘founding’ of the Time Lord Rock genre, Episode 3 will be a Trock special!

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 14 minutes – We play out with the first self-described trock song, An Awful Lot Of Running by Chameleon Circuit, which is on their self-titled debut album available on CD from DFTBA records and to download from Amazon MP3 and iTunes.

Thanks to Chameleon Circuit and DFTBA records for kind permission to use this track.

4 Responses to Bridging the Rift #2: 11th Doctor 1st Filming Photos

  1. Darren Lacey says:

    Thanks for the mention and hopefully you will like the new Matt Smith Dr Who toons when done!

  2. hello, thanks for the kind recommendation.

    Interesting thoughts about an American based Torchwood.
    I disagree with the general concencus though. What would highlight the Britishness of the show more than setting it in the US?
    There would be unlimited opportunities for them to talk about being unable to find good tea, or drive on the correct side of the road. The fish-out-of-water thing might work really well.
    As for the servants of the crown thing- I think Torchwood having less authority would only make for more interesting stories. They could be constantly dodging/out-smarting U.N.I.T. and the F.B.I.
    Uneasy alliances and cat and mouse daring-do in the deserts of New Mexico.
    Sounds good to me!

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