Bridging the Rift #3: Trock Opera

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Alex Day aka nerimon from Time Lord Rock band Chameleon Circuit to discuss trock and Doctor Who music in all its forms. We also look at fan creativity about and inspired by trock, play Alex Doctor Who music from the past and attempt to define just what trock is.

It’s a bumper length trock special!

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute We introduce Alex and Time Lord Rock, talk about how trock got started and how we got into trock.

@ 6 minutes 30 seconds Could there be a musical episode like Buffy’s Once More With Feeling?

@ 9 minutes 50 seconds Alex talks about his hopes that trock will bring a younger generation into Doctor Who conventions.

@ 11 minutes Alex tells us how Chameleon Circuit started and got named.

@ 13 minutes Which genres does trock music include?

Giant Robot by Time Agency

@ 15 minutes 30 seconds Where should people go if they want to start listening to trock?

@ 18 minutes 30 seconds Is trock all about the new series or are there any classic series songs?

@ 19 minutes 50 seconds How much of the classic series is Alex familiar with?

Creativity Corner

@ 23 minutes We look at the fan-made music videos for Chameleon Circuit’s An Awful Lot Of Running: by smilinglimpet (Making of video) by AnermayAnimation

@ 27 minutes 30 seconds Other videos:

17 Ways to Define Trock by littleradge (Liam from Chameleon Circuit)

Blink Music Video by notquitecenter

Journey’s End Music Video by thatenglishkid

@ 29 minutes 30 seconds Fan art about Chameleon Circuit: (Chibi band) (Pop art Charlie) (deviantART CC fan club)

The fan art Alex was sent – CHAMELEON CIRCUIT by Briz of BrizyComics – Brilliant group portrait of the band!

@ 33 minutes Fan art about Doctor Who characters making music: (Nat’s The Smiths work in progress)
The cover to the Trock On compilation by SharkeyeJones (Doctor and the Master in a band) (From Doctor Why, the Master plays Rock Band) (Doctor and Torchwood chibis in a band) (Doctor Who characters singing karaoke) (Doctor singing karaoke to Jack, Martha and Donna) (iOod)

@ 40 minutes 30 seconds A list of Twitter #badtrocknames, Doctor Who band name puns game.

Discussion – Doctor Who Music

@ 42 minutes 30 seconds How important has the Internet been to trock?

@ 44 minutes We play Alex Doctor Who music from the past and ask if they’re trock:

I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek – The Go-Go’s (1960’s Dalek Mania, reminds Alex of Dalek, Baby)
Who’s Who by Roberta Tovey (Susan in the Cushing Dalek movies) – 1964 (or 65?)
Who’s Doctor Who – Frazer Hines (Jamie), 1968 – Groovy! (See also, ‘I’m a Time Traveller Honey And I Can’t Get Away From Your Love)
I Am The Doctor – Jon Pertwee, 1972 (competing with William Shatner there?)

All the above tracks are available on the CD Who Is Doctor Who

Doctor In Distress – Everyone involved in mid 1980s Doctor Who and Ian Levine (Official music video!)
Doctorin’ The Tardis – The Timelords (aka The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu later the KLF), 1988 got to Number one! (Official music video!)

Doctorin’ The Tardis mash up with Uprising by Muse:

@ 1 hour Alex wonders if Chameleon Circuit could ever get to number one.

@ 1 hour 2 minutes Doctor Who parody music:

The Dalek Song (2005, based on the Llama Song, it was originally on as a flash animation)
A Calypso With A Totally Doctor Who Twist by The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre (very silly ‘educational’ history of the actors who played the Doctor)

Discussion – Filk

@ 1 hour 4 minutes 40 seconds Examples of filk (music created by science fiction and fantasy fans) about Doctor Who:

Who Am I by Terrance Chua, 2004 (to an acoustic Doctor Who theme)

Timelord Shuffle by Jeff and Maya Bonhoff, 1998 (to the tune of Istanbul by They Might Be Giants)

@ 1 hour 8 minutes 45 seconds Is trock filk or vice versa?

@ 1 hour 11 minutes Will Wizard Rock and Time Lord Rock kill off Filk?

@ 1 hour 12 minutes What are the differences between Trock and Filk?

@ 1 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds Trock acts always have a band name and filk is just individuals?

Trock artist without a band name, Tom Milsom
Filk band Ookla The Mok

@ 1 hour 16 minutes Filk can use existing music, does trock always use original tunes?

@ 1 hour 17 minutes 30 seconds Why Alex wants more people to make trock music

@ 1 hour 18 minutes Filk is more an in person phenomenon while Trock is almost entirely online?

@ 1 hour 18 minutes 40 seconds Alex talks about the possibility of Chameleon Circuit going on tour or appearing at conventions, and the possible problems with playing live

@ 1 hour 22 minutes 40 seconds Katrina asks about the song Rose by Geoff Smith

Discussion – How to start making Trock

@ 1 hour 24 minutes 30 seconds Where can someone go if they want to start making trock?

DFTBA Records Trock On Forum

@ 1 hour 25 minutes 50 seconds Is there an age limit to Trock?

Raston Warrior Robot

@ 1 hour 29 minutes 30 seconds What if you need to find other band members?

One Man, Two Hearts is a songwriter who gets other Trock artists to sing his songs.

@ 1 hour 31 minutes 30 seconds We talk about the Chameleon Circuit album and the different types of songs.

Chameleon Circuit CD from DFTBA records
Chameleon Circuit at Amazon MP3
(Also on iTunes)

@ 1 hour 33 minutes 25 seconds What do you need to start trocking?

Discussion – Trock: What’s happening at the moment?

@ 1 hour 34 minutes 20 seconds Could there be a fan made Doctor Who musical?

A Very Potter Musical

@ 1 hour 35 minutes 15 seconds Is Alex writing any new trock?

@ 1 hour 36 minutes 5 seconds Are any other trock bands close to releasing an album?

@ 1 hour 36 minutes 30 seconds Which trock bands should people try after Chameleon Circuit?

Turn Left
Harmonies In Whoville
Quantum Locked
Mr Saxon

@ 1 hour 37 minutes 30 seconds Alex tells us about the Trock On compilation CD:

Trock On at Amazon MP3
The Trock On CD from DFTBA Records
(Also on iTunes)


@ 1 hour 38 minutes 30 seconds If you have any other examples of old Doctor Who music, Doctor Who parody songs, trock fan art or videos, funny fake trock band names or any other Doctor Who music related creativity, please let us know in the comments!

Next week we’ll be talking about Russell T Davies’ relationship with fandom. If you have any thoughts about this, please do let us know on WordPress or via Twitter @BridgingTheRift.

Trocking On

@ 1 hour 39 minutes 20 seconds We play out to a trock song about writing trock songs, Doctor Who??? by Scottish trock band Harriet Jones And The Former Prime Ministers.

6 Responses to Bridging the Rift #3: Trock Opera

  1. Hey guys!

    Just finished listening to the show! Amazing episode! Really informative and great fun 😀

    Thank you so much for playing our song, we really appreciate the support 😀

    Jen xx

  2. Hey guys, it’s Tom from The Cloister Room. Great episode. Really made me want to get into Trock. I have the CC album, and hearing this made me want to buy the Trock On album as well, which I have now done, and intend to listen to soon.

    Alex mentions that he came across a random video on youtube that used an existing tune, but he doesn’t remember exactly what. I kind of hope he’s referring to my song “Exterminate.” A couple of people have referred to it as Trock, but I wasn’t sure whether it counted. Glad Alex includes that sort of thing in the definition of Trock. In case you’re curious, here it is:

    Looking forward to hearing about Russell’s relationship with fandom. Oh boy.

    • Nat says:

      That song’s absolutely fantastic! 🙂

      Glad we’ve pursuaded at least one listener to buy the compilation! I’ve just got my copy and I’m really enjoying it.

      Keep listening, we’ll be promoting trock and Doctor Who music that isn’t on any CD as well…

  3. Harold S says:

    I found this podcast thru the posting on the filk LJ. I did not know of the Trock music before it was mentioned earlier today.

    A couple of other filk songs that exist have some Dr. Who references, but the one that is a completely Dr. Who story in itself is “The Grandfather Clock” by Cecilia Eng on her tape (now available as a CD) “Of Shoes and Ships”. The tape is still available on the Firebird Arts web page.

    And Crystal Paul wrote a filk called “Captain Jack and the Tardis” ttto “Captain Jack and the Mermaid”. (This does not have an online recording in existence. I know I saw the lyrics in a filk songbook at one point.)

  4. […] also return to the trock special to discuss your suggestions for Doctor Who music we overlooked and break news of some upcoming […]

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