Bridging the Rift #4: Russell T Davies and Fandom

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Virgin New Adventures, BBC Eighth Doctor novels and Short Trips author Kate Orman to discuss fandom’s attitudes to Russell T Davies, and how Davies refers to fandom.

We also discuss your ideas about continuing Torchwood after Children of Earth and play out with more Time Lord Rock music.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Kate introduces herself:
Kate’s books on


@ 2 minutes – Todd’s comments on episode 1

@ 2 minutes 25 seconds – Aren’t all relationships in sci-fi doomed?

@ 10 minutes 30 seconds – Could series 4 follow a Torchwood 2 or 4 unstuck in space or time?

@ 15 minutes 10 seconds – Could the Doctor ‘help’ Jack by removing his memories, as he ‘helped’ Donna in Journey’s End?

@ 19 minutes 50 seconds – Draculasaurus’s comments on episode 2 about an American branch of Torchwood

Creativity Corner

@ 22 minutes 50 seconds – Russell T Davies fan art:

Main discussion

@ 29 minutes – Listening to some fans, you’d think Russell T Davies was the worst thing to happen to Doctor Who, why is this?

@ 34 minutes – We discuss common fan complaints against RTD’s writing:

@ 34 minutes 20 seconds – RTD turned Doctor Who into a soap opera

@ 38 minutes 45 seconds – Including romance is ‘lazy writing’

@ 44 minutes 15 seconds – Russell is generally a lazy writer

Doctor Who Magazine 407’s interview with Christopher H Bidmead

@ 51 minutes 33 seconds – The character of Rose becomes unlikeable in series 2

@ 53 minutes 10 seconds – Episodes by other writers are bad because of RTD’s rewrites or influence

@ 55 minutes 54 seconds – Isn’t script edited

@ 58 minutes – Deus Ex Machina endings (Bad at epic stories or bad at endings in general)

@ 1 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds – Stories are too Earthbound

@ 1 hour 15 minutes 26 seconds – Doesn’t take science fiction or the future seriously

@ 1 hour 18 minutes 53 seconds – Gay agenda

@ 1 hour 25 minutes 32 seconds – Misuses religious imagery

@ 1 hour 28 minutes 19 seconds – Childish humour, burping bins, farting aliens

@ 1 hour 29 minutes 14 seconds – Just not liking the story (Nat talks about inconsistency in series 3)

@ 1 hour 31 minutes 26 seconds – People forget that RTD is a huge fan of Doctor Who

@ 1 hour 33 minutes 18 seconds – He’s supported fan creativity and spin off media where other show runners might not

@ 1 hour 35 minutes 30 seconds – The way RTD refers to fandom with cheeky remarks or outright dismissal

Audience Appreciation figures

@ 1 hour 44 minutes 40 seconds – Wrapping up

Next Time

@ 1 hours 46 minutes 20 seconds – We’re sure that not everyone will agree with the opinions discussed in this episode. If you disagree or have any other comments, please send your feedback via, in email to our GoogleMail or directed @BridgingTheRift on twitter.

Next week we’ll be revisiting trock in our rebuttals section and looking at the best way for fans of the new series to explore the classic series.

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 47 – We trock out to You Are Not Alone by KronksSpinachPuffs now known on YouTube as songsfrompaul. Thanks to Paul for kind permission to use this song.

9 Responses to Bridging the Rift #4: Russell T Davies and Fandom

  1. anattendantlord says:

    Listening to BTR#4 at the moment (haven’t kept up with all of them, sorry). Just wanted to give a bit more detail on the Rona Munro comments which I read by chance a bit before they seem to have hit the Fan-o-Sphere. They seem to be taken verbatim from this interview at the Edinburgh Festival

    wherein it’s pretty clear that the main focus of the article is on Munro’s new play, and so this wasn’t a case of RM holding forth on DW, but more something said en passant, and slightly more qualified than “ROMANCEZ OH NOES”.

    (At least, that’s how I read it)

    More comments to follow on the rest of the podcast, I suspect…

  2. enzymion says:

    The accessory for a Russell T Davies action figure? Surely a flame shield. Boy, that man has needed it through the years.

  3. another great show.
    lots of interesting discussion.

  4. Julian says:

    Another interesting podcast, it would’ve been nice if Kate Orman had spoken more about the Doctor Who work she was involved with (I’ve only really heard of her in Lawrence Miles’ ramblings) rather than speaking so much about another Who writer altogether! Now, getting onto RTD, he may well have brought back the show we all love so dearly, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t produced some quite dreadful stuff (The Slitheen, Voyage of the Damned, Last of the Time Lords) (and some quite wonderful stuff too (Doctor Who for a start, Gridlock, Utopia, etc.)). Anyway, I just though that there some of the praise heaped on RTD last episode was somewhat undeserved. However, other than that it was a great show.

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