Bridging the Rift #5: Appreciating the Classics

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Steven of Radio Free Skaro and The Chronic Hysteresis to discuss the best way for fans of the new series of Doctor Who to get into and fully appreciate the classic series.

We also return to the trock special to discuss your suggestions for Doctor Who music we overlooked and break news of some upcoming classic series trock songs!

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Steven introduces himself:

Legopolis on Twitter
One of the Three Who Rule from Radio Free Skaro
The Chronic Hysteresis

Rebuttals – Trock Opera

@ 3 minutes – We look at more Trock fan art and your suggestions for Doctor Who music we missed:
CHAMELEON CIRCUIT fan art by Briz of BrizyComics
Shooting Stars – The Who (TV comedy sketch)
Who Are They fan art by chrono01 (Based on this classic The Who album cover)
You Really Got Me – The Tom Baker Version (Created using BT Text Message to Phone Call service, see
Filk – Captain Jack and the Doctor by Rhodri James (see songbook On The Filk Road)
Filk – The Grandfather Clock by Cecilia Eng (Scroll down for lyrics, Available on CD, Of Shoes And Ships, Original tune, My Grandfather’s Clock by Henry Clay Work)
I Am A Dalek by The Art Attacks (Punk trock, 1977)
Disco Davros fan art by spacecowboy76
Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon (from the Hartnell serial The Gunfighters)

@ 16 minutes – Upcoming classic series trock songs:

Turn Left
Time Agency

Main Discussion – Getting Into The Classic Series

The official BBC Classic Doctor Who site:

@ 17 minutes 30 seconds – We do we like the classic series?

@ 27 minutes – Is Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor like James Bond?

@ 33 minutes 50 seconds – How does the classic series differ most from modern Doctor Who?

@ 49 minutes 50 seconds – What’s the best classic story to introduce new series fans to the classic series?

Not City of Death
An Unearthly Child (episode 1 only)
Horror of Fang Rock
The Curse of Fenric
Remembrance of the Daleks
Mawdryn Undead

@ 58 minutes 30 seconds – Does it depend on what the person likes?

Character development: 5th Doctor and 7th Doctor

Good effects: 1st minute of The Trial of a Time Lord

No bad special effects: The Happiness Patrol, Horror of Fang Rock

Timey Wimey: The Ark, Mawdryn Undead

Body Horror: The Ark In Space, The Seeds of Doom

@ 1 hour – Are the multi-Doctor stories a good introduction?

The Five Doctors
The Three Doctors
But probably not The Two Doctors

@ 1 hour 6 minutes – What’s the best introduction to each Doctor’s era?

First Doctor:

An Unearthly Child
The Daleks
The Aztecs

Second Doctor:

The Krotons
Tomb of the Cybermen
The Invasion

Third Doctor:

The Green Death
The Time Warrior

Fourth Doctor:

Hinchcliffe/Holmes era:
The Ark In Space
Genesis of the Daleks
Horror of Fang Rock (OK technically Williams era, but feels like H/H)

Graham Williams era:
The Horns of Nimon (?!)
City of Death

JNT era:
Full Circle

Fifth Doctor:

Black Guardian Trilogy
Time-Flight (?!)
We couldn’t agree on Resurrection of the Daleks

Sixth Doctor:

Trial of a Time Lord
The Mark of the Rani
Revelation of the Daleks
Vengeance on Varos
Not Timelash

Seventh Doctor:

Curse of Fenric
Remembrance of the Daleks

Eighth Doctor:

The Big Finish Audios
Possibly The TV Movie

@ 1 hour 13 minutes 30 seconds – What’s the best story to watch for particular recurring characters or races?


Genesis of the Daleks
Remembrance of the Daleks
Reconstructions of The Power of the Daleks


The Tomb of the Cybermen
The Invasion


Mind of Evil
The Sea Devils
The Deadly Assassin
Planet of Fire
New Beginnings (Keeper of Traken, Logopolis, Castrovalva)

Sarah Jane:

The Seeds of Doom
The Hand of Fear


Androids of Tara
The Invisible Enemy
YouTube clips of Tom Baker complaining

The Autons:

Spearhead from Space
Terror of the Autons

The Sontarans:

The Time Warrior
The Sontaran Experiment
The Invasion of Time

@ 1 hour 18 minutes 10 seconds – Other ways to get into the series:


Gallifrey Base Forum, The Timelash
Behind The Sofa, Stripped Down
The Chronic Hysteresis
The Daily Drew
Who Daily on Livejournal
Official BBC Worldwide Doctor Who YouTube clips

@ 1 hour 18 minutes 10 seconds – Legal methods of experiencing missing classic series episodes:

Telesnap Photo Novels
Marco Polo reconstruction on The Beginning Box Set
BBC Soundtrack CDs (Power of the Daleks has a full reconstruction)
Target Novelisations

@ 1 hour 34 minutes 25 seconds – Podcasts:

Hoo on Who
The Flashing Blade
Radio Free Skaro
Doctor Who Podshock
The Tin Dog Podcast

@ 1 hour 39 minutes 45 seconds – Fan-made Commentaries:

Tachyon TV
Radio Free Skaro
A Podcast of Impossible Things
MMM Commentaries The House of Commentaries

@ 1 hour 45 minutes 45 seconds – Wrapping up

Creativity Corner has been moved to next episode as we overran recording this episode. We’ll try to keep to time in future episodes!

If you have any suggestions of episodes, sites or any other ways into the classic series, please let us know via, in email to our GoogleMail or directed @BridgingTheRift on twitter.

Next Time

@ 1 hour 46 minutes 30 seconds – Next week we’ll be revisiting our Russell T Davies episode with your rebuttals and discussing all things fictional in a fan fiction special.

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 46 minutes 50 seconds – We play out with one of the few classic series trock songs that looks at an aspect of the history of the classic series – Gallifreyan History 101 by Chameleon Circuit, available from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and on CD. Thanks to DFTBA records and the band for permission to use this song.

12 Responses to Bridging the Rift #5: Appreciating the Classics

  1. great show.
    – poor Pertwee-
    third Doctor needs love too!

    • Nat says:

      Go on then, what do you like about Pertwee and which stories show off those qualities the best?

      We’re willing to be persuaded! 🙂

      • Well, to me, Pertwee’s awesomeness is both manifold and self evident, so I wouldn’t know where to start.
        I’ll just address the criticism, I guess.
        -I just don’t like him-
        Our current Doctor is a great character and a has a very likable persona, not to mention being good looking. Poor old Pertwee with his craggy face, gruff attitude and lisp can hardly compete! I agree he’s one of the least likable Doctors, but I wouldn’t want to hang out with Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan or James Bond either. Lots of great characters are kind of jerks.
        -He’s too Authoritarian-
        This is the really fascinating point of the Pertwee era for me. The way I see it, The Doctor is and always has been an Authoritarian on a personal level. He travels around doing what he sees as good, and foiling what he sees as evil. He pops in, enforces his will, which is not democratic or subject to popular opinion, then zooms away in his TARDIS. Yet the Doctor hates authoritarianism, and refuses to see it in himself. Instead of accepting his nature, he rejects society.
        The real lesson the Doctor learns during his exile to earth is about his own nature.
        To me Pertwee’s Doctor is the most human.
        Violent and arrogant, the third Doctor, for the first time has needs. Suddenly the Doctor needs a car, a laboratory, money(Bessie doesn’t run on the eye of harmony!) and help defending the earth.
        Long before his homeworld was destroyed, He realized that his own nature is the reason he must remain the lonely god.
        He’s not human, but for a while he was an earthling.

  2. Julian says:

    An enjoyable crossover episode, I’d disagree with The Green Death as a Pertwee starting off point, it does have some good bits, but giant maggots can’t salvage the poor CSO and slowly paced story. Oh, and as asked for from the fan-artists; Punk Davros:

    • Nat says:

      Punk Davros rocks! XD

      What would you recommend as a good showcase for Pertwee given those shortcomings in The Green Death then? (Presumably not Invasion of the Dinosaurs!)

      • Julian says:

        Inferno or maybe Ambassadors of Death could be a good place to start, pf course Spearhead from Space introduced Pertwee back in 1970 and I think it still does the job now.

  3. davefinlayson says:

    JP rocks. Green Death is brilliant! Ok, the fly isn’t much cop but you’ve gotta cut the classic show some slack at times. If people can’t get past the pacing, cso, black & white, studio-bound stories, etc, etc and get into the story then they should stick to watching Clone Wars or whatever it is you young tykes watch these days. 😉

    • Nat says:

      Ha, thanks Dave, very good point!

    • Julian says:

      Clone Wars is actually pretty good, better than the prequel films at least. I don’t mind the poorer effects in Doctor Who, however when they’re coupled with let-downs on the script/story/etc. it does make it a bit of a slog to get through. Although it has been quite some time since I gave Green Death a watch, so maybe I’ll give it another go.. maybe.

  4. davefinlayson says:

    A thing that really bugs me is that people say the JP era is like James Bond. Yeah, the 3rd Doc seduces several women every story, slaps them, brutally kills people and makes quips about it (leave that last bit to C. Baker 😉 and which Bond precisely wore velvet smoking jackets, drove an old banger and had a silver bouffant hair-do? Well done to Steven for debunking that myth; he knows what he’s talking aboot. 🙂

    It’s hard to know what effect a story will have on a nu-who fan until they see it. A kid I knew a while back loved ‘Greatest Show…’, ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’ and hated ‘Earthshock’ and ‘Spearhead..’. My wife is not a fan but got pretty gripped by ‘Spearhead..’ and ‘Survival’, liked the TVM and thought ‘Caves of Androzani’ was daft! Go figure…

  5. […] 4 minutes 17 seconds – We travel back to episode 5 where we were joined by Steven from Radio Free Skaro to discuss the classic series. As we overran, […]

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