Bridging the Rift #6: The World of Fan Fiction

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Spider aka Spiderine on LiveJournal to discuss the different types Doctor Who Universe fan fiction and where to find them, and the legal position of transformative works.

We also look at your feedback for our Russell T Davies episode and travel back in time to episode 5 to hear the classic series Creativity Corner we recorded with Steven.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – We introduce Torchwood and New Series Doctor Who fan fiction writer Spider:


@ 2 minutes 42 seconds – Nat will be at the Whooverville one day Doctor Who convention at the Midland Railway Centre near Ripley in Derbyshire this Sunday – that’s the 6th of September – if you’re attending, Nat would love to hear from you: (Nat’s Twitter)

Creativity Corner

@ 4 minutes 17 seconds – We travel back to episode 5 where we were joined by Steven from Radio Free Skaro to discuss the classic series. As we overran, this is the discussion we recorded about classic series fan creativity:

Fan art:

mimi-na‘s classic who fan art:

Fan art of jlfletch, often used for signings:

Fan art of harnois75 (featured in past Doctor Who Storybooks):
(and many more)

Fan videos:

Babelcolour‘s tributes to the Doctors etc: (all stories 1963 to 2008, Eurythmics Sweet Dreams mash up) (the First Doctor, Back in 64, the Ruttles) (the Second Doctor, The Littlest Hobo) (the Third Doctor, Hero, Bonnie Tyler) (the Fifth Doctor, the Kinks Cricket) (the Sixth Doctor, My Coat of Many Colours) (the Eighth Doctor, English Man in New York)

Farmergeddon71‘s Doctor Who spoofs: (Flight of the Darned) (Five Doctors spoof parts 1 and 2)


Correction: In episode 5 Nat stated that Harold S. recommended Captain Jack and the TARDIS by Rhodri James when in fact he recommended a filk of the same folk song, called Captain Jack and the Tardis by a filker called Crystal Paul. We apologise for confusing these two Doctor Who filks to the same tune.

@ 14 minutes 50 seconds – We look at your feedback to episode 4 where we were joined by Kate Orman to discuss fandom’s relationship with Russell T Davies:

Three suggestions for accessories for the Russell T Davies action figure featured in Creativity Corner:

The creator of the RTD figure, russellh is keen to hear your suggestions for accessories and may include them in an improved version! If you have more, leave yours in the comments.

Anattendantlord provides us with context for Rona Munro’s comments on romance in Doctor Who being lazy writing:

We discuss Julian aka Braxietel’s comments about whether we were too lenient on Russell T Davies.

Spider gives her criticisms of RTD.

Main Discussion

@ 34 minutes – We discuss what fan fiction is, explain some common types of fics, explore Doctor Who Universe pairings and stories, and discuss disclaimers and legalities of fanfiction versus published works:

Fanfic recommendation communities/fanfiction communities on livejournal: (newsletter) (newsletter)


A Teaspoon and an Open Mind:

The legal position of fan fiction:

Organization for Transformative Works (OTW):
Fair Use:

Fan fiction mentioned:

The Mascot: (Steven/Hi Fi fanfiction)
Copperbadge aka sam_storyteller:

Next time

1 hour 34 minutes 15 seconds – Next episode we’ll be discussing whether or not Doctor Who has a true ‘canon’, what canon is and what’s included in it.

Trocking Out

1 hour 35 minutes 45 seconds – We play out with Donna’s Song by trock band Exerminate! from Pennsylvania, USA. You can hear more from the band at:

6 Responses to Bridging the Rift #6: The World of Fan Fiction

  1. Another great show, guys.
    Any plans to interview Sparacus in the future?

  2. davefinlayson says:

    I think you should interview Sparacus in the past or, perhaps sideways in time.

    Can I draw your attention to this:

    Is it the same person? If so then Daryl Joyce isn’t a fan artist ‘cos he did official Who stuff IIRC. Or Harnois75 is a plagarist. Or they are both one and the same which, if true, is fine ‘n’ dandy (and a clown).

    Good show as always. I’m a long-time fan of the show and have never found RTD’s attitude to fans off-hand (ming-mongs deserve what they get) and I’m no apologist for him either.

    • Nat says:

      Yes it’s the same person, as I said in the episode, he’s been commissioned to do the Doctor Who Storybook in the past (and DWM but I didn’t mention that).

      The vast majority of his artworks aren’t official commissioned pieces but done out of love for the show and he’s a big contributor to the Braxietel fan art community, so that’s a fan artist in my book. None of the work I mentioned was commissioned or official in any way…

      • davefinlayson says:

        Cool. I always liked that Dinosaur Invasion artwork and I think he’s finessed it nicely in your link. I particularly like the fact that ‘Carry on Screaming’ (which featured Pertwee) is playing at the cinema.

  3. Sami says:

    Great show as always, I really love listening to your take on the Who fandom because it so relates to how I interact within fandom myself as opposed to the many other podcasts out there I listen too, including my own.
    I’d love to come on the show one day in the future.

    Anyway, I’d love to thank you for doing this show in particular. I’ve always been very wary about reading fanfiction for many many years after reading some bad fics when I was 15 (Anime fics) and some how got the idea in my head that all fanfics (related to my fandom) were all hard core porn or badly written “let’s put these two characters together just for the thrills” or mushy ‘shippy’ fics, but 10 years on, my fandoms have changed so I listened to your show and followed the link to Copperbadge’s LJ and I have simply falling in love with reading their Torchwood fanfics, especially of the Jack/Ianto variety. I can’t wait to dive futher into fanfiction in the future, so thanks for giving me a starting point and guidance of where to go.

    Plus, just a random comment in regards to your comments about Fifth Doctor/Adric slash… I can’t remember if you asked for any comments on it or not, but I’m quite a big fan of this pairing but have never read any fanfic of them (which I will try to seek out now) but my friend has drawn many a fanart of them for me and I must admit it’s a favourite pairing of mine.
    So I don’t see Adric as been too young, for me, he’s very much borderline, not quite teenager, not quite adult, in my mind Adric is 19, the age I believe Matthew Waterhouse was when he took the part, and 19 is old enough in my mind.
    I love the almost naivety and immaturity of Adric with the young Fifth Doctor, plus doesn’t hurt that it’s adorable as all heck visually (well to me anyway)

    Anyway, I’ve rambled far too long.
    Again great show guys, keep it up ^_^

    (aka Romana 2 from Australia in podcast land)

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