Bridging the Rift #10: Fandom on Second Life

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Tim Drury from Living A Second Life and Tim’s Take On podcasts to discuss Doctor Who universe fandom on Second Life.

We also look back to our Conventions episode to hear your opinions on Cosplay, Costuming and the Doctor Who insiders’ use of the term ‘Ming Mongs’.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Tim introduces himself:

Tim’s Twitter:
Living A Second Life Podcast:
Tim’s Take On Podcast:

Time Travel – Episode Eight: Conventions

@ 6 minutes 10 seconds – Sami gives an opinion on the difference between cosplaying and costuming.

@ 12 minutes 48 seconds – Tim talks about his convention experiences:

The Hub Torchwood Convention:

@ 19 minutes 56 seconds – Keir Hardy weighs in on the Doctor Who production team’s use of the term ‘ming mongs’:

Victoria Wood ‘But Doctor, we haven’t got the ming mongs!’:

Urban Dictionary definitions:

YouTube Ming Mong discussion: by StuffTheFrankie

Main Discussion – Second Life

@ 32 minutes 21 seconds – We discuss the various Doctor Who universe locations, characters, props and activities available for Doctor Who and Torchwood fans to enjoy in Second Life:

Second Life:
The Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff, Katrina Website:
Video promo for New Gallifrey & Zenobia Station: by V1ctor1st

Nat’s Podshock Meet-Up Photos:
Tim’s Doctor Who Experience Photos:

Podshock Meet Ups:
Blog post for the last meet up:
Video introduction for the last meet:

Next Time

@ 1 hour 23 minutes 30 seconds – Next time we’ll be talking about our Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures guilty pleasures. Episodes that we know aren’t very good but we love anyway!

If you have any feedback about anything we’ve discussed this episode please leave it in the comments, directed @BridgingTheRift on twitter or emailed to our GoogleMail address.

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 33 minutes 10 seconds – We trock out with a song about the series 2 episode The Girl In The Fireplace, Clockwork by British trock band Turn Left. Thanks to Georgia from the band for kind permission to use this song. You can find out more about Turn Left on their profile at

7 Responses to Bridging the Rift #10: Fandom on Second Life

  1. Keir Hardie says:

    I can make Nat’s editing easier in future by making sure to only leave comments not worth discussing… so you can look forward to such thought-provoking stuff as ‘I think Doctor Who is a good tv show’ and ‘I believe that the fourth Doctor regenerated into the fifth at the end of Logopolis’ 🙂 I listened this morning, and I glanced at the show notes before anyway, so I wasn’t weirdly hearing my name while drifting off to sleep again this time! Good show as always.

  2. Second life sounds like fun, I’ll have to check that out.
    Congratulations on ten episodes!

  3. Chinn says:

    Hi Nat and Katrina,

    I wanted to expand a bit on the ‘possibility generator’ switch idea. I think it would only need to be refered to once by the Doctor and that he should throw in an off hand comment that it snapped off and he had to re-attach it. Then the camera would cut to a panel of the console and close in on a slighly wonkey old fashioned light switch. Just visible between its base and the stem would be the squashed head of an orange jelly baby. The paradox of whether it was on or off would never need to be explained!!!

    ps you have really found an interesting niche. keep up the good work.

  4. Chinn says:

    please read in a silly voice.

    i am not a ming mong,
    i say ming mong? ming mong moo!!
    if i am a ming mong, then RTD is too,
    for a ming mong is a who fan,
    and so i guess its true,
    i am a ming mong afterall,
    i loves my doctor who!!

  5. Craig says:

    Hi Guys,

    As you said you were short of feedback last time I thought I’d send you another.
    I have been on second life about 5 times and fortunately I haven’t had any problems with slow down. I have a fairly new laptop. I also printed off the quick start guide which really helps if you get stuck. Podshock post information videos prior to their meet ups too.
    I loved going round all the old console rooms and taking pictures. I have talked to some very friendly Daleks. Flying is good fun.Also I would recommend a headset so you can talk to people rather than text than.
    My only problem is that due to my first life I had to break off from the last meeting after about an hour which was a shame because there was an atmosphere of anticipation building.

    I will definitely try to clear the decks for the next meeting.

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