Bridging the Rift #13: Cursed Episode Thirteen

Subwave Network album artRecorded on Friday the 13th after various failings, we return late and joined by no one but ourselves to record our cursed episode 13. We’re sorry, we’re so so sorry.

However we make the best of it by looking at new trock, comics, art and fiction that caught our eye, hear your feedback to episode 11, and open the floor to answer some tricky listener questions.

Direct Download

Show Notes


@ 2 minutes 10 seconds – We fill you in on some reason fan creativity news:

New Torchwood Babiez comic instalment:

Rich Morris comics projects:

Doctor Who Fragments, 1 page comics project:

Chameleon Circuit live gig:
(Search ‘Chartjackers gig’ for more!)

Chameleon Circuit on Stickaid 2009:

Tom Milsom’s Trockstuff EP released for free download by DFTBA records:


@ 9 minutes 45 seconds – We look at your feedback to episode 11 in which we discussed Guilty Pleasures and Caricatures:

DTDStudio Caricatures:

Alien-Dalek Hybrid:
Eve versus Davros:
Perils of Potluck:

The Sketchian Adventures:

Creativity Corner

@ 40 minutes – We share some fan creativity that caught our eye recently:

Katrina’s fan fiction choice:
Borrowed Time (Warning: NC-17 slash fiction):
LJ TARDIS Big Bang Contest:

Draculasaurus’s Tardis SPOILER art:

Tardis interiors fan art:

grekwood Tardis interior diorama:

Crafty TARDIS:

Action figure customisations:
Decrepit Master by batmanmarch:
FrasierDalek’s amazing custom sculpts:

Halloween funny fan comic:

Torchwood: Consequences collection:

Main Discussion

@ 51 minutes 15 seconds – We answer your questions, submitted by Twitter:

Braxietel: How do reconcile Ace’s death and departures in the Comics/books and audio?

sjcaustenite: What about Jack’s missing 2 years?

Braxietel: Ian Levine, God or Git? (same could probably be asked about Lawrence Miles)

MrChinn: ‘Out of their evil, must come something good’ from Genesis. Is the Doctor arguing for non intervention?

TheGreenMoon (deviantART): Is the Doctor being selfish in Blink by making Sally Sparrow do the work when he could just wait a few decades?

Braxietel: Will Paterson Joseph ever get to be the Doctor?

Braxietel: Will @BridgingTheRift ever cover fan films/fan edits and the like?

We also comment on recent discussions about the artistic merit of time lord rock and fan music.

Next Time

@ 1 hour 20 minutes 45 seconds – Next time we’re still intending to discuss Fandom versus Rose Tyler.

If you have any feedback about any of the topics we’ve discussed, please leave comments on this blog post, send audio feedback under three minutes (and preferably with a transcript) to our GoogleMail address, or direct short comments @BridgingTheRift on Twitter.

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 21 minutes 50 seconds – We play out with New Earth from Tom Milsom‘s new Trockstuff EP released for free download from – Thanks to DFTBA records for kind permission to use this track. Tom also has two non-trock albums which are available now:[CD].html

One Response to Bridging the Rift #13: Cursed Episode Thirteen

  1. Great episode, even without a guest.

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