Bridging the Rift #15: Crackfic the Movie

Subwave Network album artNat and new regular co-host Erik (@sjcaustenite) discuss their thoughts and fandom’s creative reactions, both funny and serious, to the two part Tenth Doctor swansong The End of Time.

We also look at snow Daleks, late Christmas fan art and some creative predictions posted before the episodes aired.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – We explain why Katrina’s missing for this episode and why we’ve welcomed Erik on board as our new permanent 3rd host. We then give an overview of our thoughts on the most recent episodes.

Creativity Corner – Before The End

@ 15 minutes 25 seconds – We take a look at some xmas fan art, snow Daleks, and art and comics made in the run up to The End of Time:

Snow and Xmas: – Xmas Tennant – Dalek meets a snow dalek – Snow dalek photos

Fun stuff (done before EoT aired): – End of Time? (Crashed Delorean – t-shirt!) – Time Lord Victorious (with rainbows and pink clouds!) – Comic – Not what happened in the End of Time at all – Comic– I think… I think I’m regenerating! – The Monk: Oh look who’s talking

Main Discussion – Creative Reactions to The End of Time

@ 27 minutes – We look at fandom’s creative reactions to The End of Time parts 1 and 2:

Part One aka Crackfic the Movie: – Part 1 in pictures of other things HP, Alladin, My Chemical Romance, Cookie Monster, Skeletor etc (qthewetsprocket) – First scene Doctor in lei – MADE FOR MACROS! I haz a cheezburger. MAH CHEEZBURGER! – The Master Om nom noms the Doctor (comic) – Life on Mars Attacks – Manga Master–cartoony, but the Master’s superpowers invited it – Badly bleached hair …are you Rose? – Master and Doctor digital painting – Chibi Wilf – Dog collar and lead.. (comic in tardis) – Doggy Master (more of these by seiko-assasin and captainozza) – EoT cartoon style doodles (Mostly Doctor/Master and Master!Collar) – Chibi Vinvocci – When two memes collide – The Scary Pertwee Race – The Master’s Facebook Page – Finally! Proof that JAMES BOND is a Time Lord

Part Two: – Part 2 in pictures of other things Ori, SW, Bond, ST2 (mskydragons) – Cartoon – The Master would totally do this ‘Who me?’ – I’m still here you know… – Stop Cockblocking us, Wilf! – Are you sure we’re doing this right? – I has a doctor – nooooo they be stealin’ mah doctor! – End of Time Red Dwarf video by Kelvington – Time Lord airbags – Four didn’t get the memo – Don’t you dare threaten by boyfriend, you bastards!

The Aftermath: – I have and always hall be, your friend – Watch this, Lisa, you can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half… – Comic – I’m Alive?! (I read this as Rimmer)

The Woman In White: – I was lost so very long ago …this was me before the operation XD

The RTD fan fic half hour: – Now where was I, Aha… Ian and Barbara… – Maybe save Adric? On the second thought… (and many many other wonderful callmeromana macros!) – Smith and Jones. Oh, I see what they did there. – Out there is one very, very sad (rebound) doctor… – His name is Han Solo – Doctor meeting Rose in the snow – The Doctor’s Facebook Page (NB, we incorrectly attributed this in the episode, it’s in fact also by The Hellish Gnome)

Regeneration: – Nine tells Ten about Eleven (with Billie Piper photos) – Realism Don’t Want To Go (many WIP steps) – ‘I’m… a girl?!’ – Glenn Close?! – Matt Smith caricature by mimi-na – Eleven, stylised blue and grey digital painting – Causes of regeneration, Daleks – 0 – 10 & 11 in front of a clock – Passing on the Screwdriver – Happy new year/Doctor – Alt!Watcher – Doctor Who as Red Dwarf, the Matt Smith version, also by Kelvington, and came first

Fan videos:

Competition for the best tribute video to The End of Time: by Allumie and Elph778 – already 37 responses, deadline 15th Februrary, so listeners can still enter – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance Doctor/Master music video by tardisdreamer – Doctor/Rose End of Time AU by Bex19 – The Ten Doctors part 2 by Babelcolour (not EoT but mentioned in our discussion)

Trocking Out – Timelord Shuffle

@ 1 hour 52 minutes – We trock out to the filk song Timelord Shuffle by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff from their 2004 filk album Aliens Ate My Homework.


If you have any feedback about any of the topics we’ve discussed, please leave comments on this blog post, send audio feedback under three minutes (and preferably with a transcript) to our GoogleMail address, or direct short comments @BridgingTheRift on Twitter.

3 Responses to Bridging the Rift #15: Crackfic the Movie

  1. Dave Finlayson says:

    Thanks for another great podcast and for dilligently trawling the ‘net for DW fan stuff (because I know I wouldn’t) and bringing to our attention some real gems. I think you were maybe a teensy bit harsh on Bex19’s video because it was clearly lovingly and expertly assembled (Billie’s contrasting hair-dos and clothes notwithstanding). Honestly, my mind boggles at how hard it must be to find these clips and then put them together so well.

  2. Hedgie says:

    Great work! Thank you so much for the shout out!

  3. another great show!

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