Bridging the Rift #18: Tennant Retrospective

March 29, 2010

Subwave Network album artNat and Katrina are joined by Kelsey from Tennantcast to look back on David Tennant’s four years as The Doctor.

We discuss themes across his Doctor’s stories and series, debate our differing opinions of his Doctor, and look at fan reactions during different points in his run.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – We introduce Kelsey from the David Tennant fan podcast, TennantCast:

Main Discussion – David Tennant Retrospective

@ 2 minutes 5 seconds – Starting with reactions when David Tennant was announced as Christopher Eccleston’s replacement, we look back at 4 years of David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor.

David Tennant’s letter to himself as a child, foreword to The Complete Specials DVD:

The cutest Doctor ever:

Next Time

@ 1 hour 3 minutes – Next time we’ll be talking about the new Chicks Dig Time Lords essay collection, out now from Mad Norwegian Press:

If you have any feedback about anything we’ve discussed, you can spend messages on Twitter directed @BridgingTheRift, comment on this blog post or send short MP3 feedback to our GoogleMail address.

Trocking Out – Regeneration Is Useless

@ 1 hour 3 minutes 50 seconds – As we decided that David Tennant was the most emotional Doctor, we trock out with some self-described Emo Trock, Regeneration Is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts) by The Medusa Cascade:


Bridging the Rift #17: Live from LA

March 5, 2010

Subwave Network album artRecorded live from Nat’s hotel room at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott on Sunday the 28th of February, Nat, Katrina and Erik discuss the highlights of the 21st Gallifrey One Convention having just attended its closing ceremony.

We also discuss the fan creativity we witnessed and the Gally Podcasting Summit held during the convention.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Katrina, Nat and Erik reveal they’re recording live from Gallifrey Blackjack 21!

Main Discussion – Our Gallifrey One, Blackjack 21

@ 1 minute 50 seconds – We discuss the highlights of our Gally experience:

The official photo archive:

Patrick Salsbury’s photos:

Miz Lia’s photos:

Tommy Knight’s Gally ribbon kilt:

Podcast Summit:

Chicks Dig Time Lords:
Edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea.

Fan Art Panel
Aimee Major:
Jean Kang:
Sarah Airriess:

Fan Reactions to Character Deaths panel write up:

Rob Shearman – Love Songs For The Shy And Cynical:

Paul Cornell’s Just A Minute with Katy Manning:

Graeme Harper kaffeeklatsch and RFS interview:

Louise Page talks to costumers and gives out samples:

Knitted Doctors:


The Masquerade:

The full sized Dalek and the baby Daleks:
Katy and Georgia get intimate with the Dalek:

Dog K9:

The Unsung Hero:

There’s Something On Their Backs…

Oodicrously good costumes:

Eleven sonics the Tribble:

Impossible Planet Spacesuit Doctor:

Close-ups on the Tritovore and Swarm costume from the masquerade:

Big Finish companions:

Ace and Nyssa costumes as mentioned:

How To Hear More

@ 29 minute 40 seconds – Back home in Nottingham, Nat tells you how to hear more from Gallifrey 21, including the audio of the Podcast Summit:

Podcast Summit Audio:

Radio Free Skaro Daily Gally Episodes:

Trocking Out – Right Said Moff

@ 30 minute 40 seconds – We trock out to a parody of the Bernard Cribbins song, Right Said Fred. If you’re in the UK and you want to help Wilfred Mott,1960’s movie companion Tom Campbell, voice of the Wombles and all round National Treasure Bernard Cribbins make it back into the top 40 and possibly even to number one, join the Facebook campaign and make sure you download Right Said Fred from iTunes in the week of the 7th to the 13th of March. It’s only 79p after all!

The song comes from the highly recommended satirical Doctor Who podcast Tachyon TV who, as well as being at Gally this year, have also just released a compilation of all their clever parody songs from previous episodes: Tachyon TV the Album. Download it from iTunes now or go to: