Bridging the Rift #21: Better Late Than Never: Thoughts on Series 5

June 26, 2010

Subwave Network album artAfter many delays of all varieties and from all quarters, Bridging the Rift sheepishly returns with an episode recorded in late May in which Nat, Katrina, and Erik discuss Series 5 through “Amy’s Choice.” Unusually for us, it’s all discussion: so prepare yourself for reactions and rampant speculation that will have been proven to be either spot on or wildly inaccurate.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – The usual introductions from the gang.

General Discussion

@ 1 minutes 40 seconds – We begin with the basics: the new titles, the new version of the theme tune, the general look and feel of this series, and the long-forgotten series Fnarg controversy.

@ 14 minutes 45 seconds – Next we turn our attention to the four key characters who have graced our screens during series 5: The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and Dr. River Song.

@ 33 minutes 20 seconds – The story arcs that have kept us guessing: the crack, the 2 Doctors, and general tiemy-wimey-ness.

@ 50 minutes – Some key controversies from series 5, focusing on The Weeping Angels first on-screen movements, the redesigned Daleks, the possibly problematic plot of “The Beast Below,” and Katrina’s passionate reaction to “Amy’s Choice.”

Next Time

@ 1 hour 15 minutes – Next time, we look at how fan artists of all sorts given us their impressions of Series 5. If you have any feedback about anything we’ve discussed, you can send messages on Twitter directed @BridgingTheRift, comment on this blog post or send short MP3 feedback to our GoogleMail address.  You can also “like” us on Facebook and leave comments there.

Trocking Out – The Oodcast

@ 1 hour 16 minutes 45 seconds – This time, we use our Trocking Out section to recommend another podcast, namely The Oodcast which brings us weekly installments of sketches, reviews, witty banter, and songs about Doctor Who. Our featured selection is a song from their episode about “Amy’s Choice” in which Laura (the resident chanteuse on the show) gives us her version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Enjoy!