Bridging the Rift #22: From The Hungry Earth to The Big Bang, Part 1

Subwave  Network album artIn something of a continuation from our last episode, we decided to review the episodes of the second half of Series 5. Little did we know that the discussion would rage on for over 2 hours! So, we decided to split the episode into 2 parts, the first of which you find here. Nat, Katrina, and Erik natter away about “The Hungry Earth,” “Cold Blood,” and “Vincent and The Doctor.”

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Who we are.

General Discussion

@ 1 minutes 45 seconds – An open call for Season 5 inspired creativity, especially items on personal blogs or other out of the way places.

@ 4 minutes 50 seconds – We begin with “The Hungry Earth,” which gets compared to an EastEnders intro to The Phantom Menace. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, we’ll let you decide. Plus, did the BBC make a mistake in letting everyone know that the Silurians were back?

@ 15  minutes – We start to move on in earnest to “Cold Blood,” which comes in for a bit more criticism than we’re accustomed to dispensing. In particular, did the Silurians get the relaunch and introduction to a new generation that they deserved?

@ 23 minutes 45 seconds – Rory’s temporary death and the nature of the crack get looked at from all sorts of angles, prompting a lively discussion about “soft rewrites.”

@ 39 minutes – “Vincent and the Doctor” takes its turn in the spotlight, with the space chicken, Vincent’s illness, and the historical inaccuracy of the episode prompting strong reactions all around.

@ 59 minutes – A promise of more to come…

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3 Responses to Bridging the Rift #22: From The Hungry Earth to The Big Bang, Part 1

  1. Wintermute670 says:


    I’ve made a Doctor Who and Mumford & Sons video to celebrate season five. Season 5 was such a strong story with great performances all around. The relationship between Amy and the doctor is unique and its great to have a male companion in the tardis.

    I love the subtleties of the Amy-Doctor relationship and I am very impressed with the complex scifi elements that are played with.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy the video.


  2. Another great show, thanks guys!
    -Oh! we can embed video in the comments!?
    this is knowledge I will surely abuse before too long.

    Draculasaurus has spoken █

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