Bridging the Rift Audiozine April 2011: How Series 5 Affected and Reflected the Fandom

Bridging the Rift relaunches! Our new audiozine format mixes articles by people from different parts of the fandom with fan fiction story readings and Time Lord Rock songs. The debut issue features contributions from fan artists Lady Yate-xel and Draculasaurus, podcaster Chip of the Two Minute Time Lord and Chicks Dig Time Lords co-editor Lynne Thomas. Our stories and songs explore different aspects of series five.

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@ 1 minute – Introduction – The debut issue looks at how fandom reacted to Series Five, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.

@ 3 minutes – Lady Yate-xel talks about the Eleventh Doctor –

@ 10 minutes – Countable Infinities by Lady Mercury

@ 13 minutes – Chip from Two Minute Time Lord

@ 20 minutes – The Boy Who Waited by rumpelsnorcack –

@ 31 minutes 30 seconds – My Reality a song by Paige Harwood and Alex Carpenter  –

@ 36 minutes 30 seconds – Chicks Dig The Eleventh Doctor by Lynne Thomas

@ 40 minutes 30 seconds – Amelia Pond’s Five Minute Adventure by Hutchie –

@ 52 minutes 30 seconds – Draculasaurus comments on 2MTL 199: Taking Skirts and Skits Seriously

@ 57 minutes – Doctor Who Autism Spectrum Project

@ 58 minutes – Nat talks about how Amy Pond is a reflection of fandom

@ 1 hour – If you have any feedback, please comment at or to @BridgingTheRift on Twitter. Our next issue is on Inspiration, if you have a submission proposal or suggestion fitting that theme please email us using the Contact Us form.

@ 1 hour 2 minutes – Trocking out: The Big Bang 2 by Charlie McDonnell of Chameleon Circuit

One Response to Bridging the Rift Audiozine April 2011: How Series 5 Affected and Reflected the Fandom

  1. The new format is FANTASTIC!

    It is wonderful to hear the stories and points of view of Who fans far and wide. I’ve added another podcast to my list because of this episode and I look forward to having my mind expanded, and then blown away!

    BTR TRocks!

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