Bridging the Rift #20: Feedback and Creative Tennantcies

May 15, 2010

Nat, Katrina, and Erik get down to the business of discussing your feedback.  Plus, there’s a previously recorded discussion of David Tennant creativity with Kelsey from the TennantCast.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – We introduce ourselves before getting on with the good stuff.


@ 1 minutes 30 seconds – We dive straight in to your feedback, in which: BTR gets an award, Erik gets chastised, we hear from several Friends Of The Show, and there are some truly awful Doctor impressions.

Doctor Who Podcast Alliance Promo

@ 11 minutes 30 seconds – Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast with a promo for a DWPA event with Matthew Waterhouse (Adric!) on July 4, 2010.

More Feedback!

@ 14 minutes – One final piece of feedback, in which it’s Nat’s turn to get corrected. list

Creativity Corner

@ 18 minutes 35 seconds – This week’s Creativity Corner was recorded when Kelsey joined Nat and Katrina a few weeks back.  Some links to the items discussed.

Deviant Art:

YouTube Videos:

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.”


“The Tenth Doctor: The Musical”

The Flashing Blade Hits 50!

@ 45 minutes 55 seconds – Congratulations to The Flashing Blade Podcast on reaching the milestone 50th episode!  Hooray!

Next Time

@ 48 minutes 10 seconds – Next time, we look at fan reactions to Series 5 and all of it’s newness–including the Eleventh Doctor and the redesigned Daleks.  If you have any feedback about anything we’ve discussed, you can send messages on Twitter directed @BridgingTheRift, comment on this blog post or send short MP3 feedback to our GoogleMail address.  You can also “like” us on Facebook and leave comments there.

Trocking Out – Type 40

@ 49 minutes 30 seconds – This episode we have an audio and visual Trocking Out for you!  The Chameleon Circuit song “Type 40” has been turned into a fantastic YouTube video.

You can also stream Chameleon Circuit’s entire Trock album at either and you can find their music both at iTunes and