Bridging the Rift #12: Costuming and Cosplay

October 24, 2009

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Johanna Mead, Masquerade Director for the Gallifrey 21 convention in Los Angeles, to discuss Doctor Who Universe costuming and cosplay.

We also look at creative reactions to the new Doctor Who logo and insignia, and look at your feedback to episode 10 regarding Second Life and ‘ming mongs’.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – We announce that, as of this episode, Bridging the Rift is moving to releasing episodes once every two weeks.

Johanna introduces herself:

Personal Site:

Time Travel – Episode Ten: Second Life

@ 3 minutes 10 seconds – We look at your feedback to our Second Life discussion:

Draculasaurus explores Second Life:

@ 6 minutes 15 seconds – We enter the feedback loop to discuss your comments on our comments on your comments in episode 10 on our comments in episode 8, with more on the Possibility Generator and some final words on the ‘ming mong’ question.

Creativity Corner – The New Logo

@ 9 minutes 10 seconds – We talk about our take on the new Doctor Who logo and insignia.

@ 15 minutes 55 seconds – We look at fandom’s reactions to the logo:

Gallifrey Base:
Who Daily:
Braxiatel Collection:

Attack of the Lens Flare! by Vicar on Gallifrey Base:
‘Improved’ by Braxietel:
Wildthyme on Braxiatel collection posted a screen grab from the Colin Baker opening to prove that lens flare’s traditional:
Vectorised without lensflare:

Darkwing Duck insignia by ManOfBats:
‘NAFF’ insignia by Tempus31:
‘Rejected designs’ by redscharlach:

Vortex of Mirth:
Logo comic:
Other Doctor Who strips:

Improvements and Variations:
Luke Pietnik’s alternative colours:
Swain used the colours from the current logo:
AnthariaJack produced an attractive Nebula background:
Paradox Machine altered perspective:
(All from Gallifrey Base)

Honourable Mention:
Logo Totem by jlfletch:

Braxiatel Collection Logo Challenge:
Siskoid ‘Bad Wolf’:

Main Discussion – Costuming and Cosplay

@ 21 minutes – Johanna tells us about her role as Gallifrey Masquerade Director and maintainer of the LiveJournal DW_cosplay community:

Gallifrey 21 Masquerade:
LiveJournal dw_cosplay:

@ 23 minutes 13 seconds – We look at the difference between costuming and cosplay.

@ 27 minutes – We talk about Doctor Who and Torchwood costuming and cosplay, and resources out there for people who want to make or wear costumes:

Costumes mentioned:
The White Robot:
The Dalekettes:
The Weeping Angel at Whooverville:
The Family of Blood Scarecrow at Whooverville:
Johanna’s costume album:
Nat’s non-Doctor Who costumes:

Costuming resources:
DW_cosplay community: – place for anime & other costumers:
Source for wigs, wonderflex and other materials:
The any-day-now DW costuming archive:

Some FANTASIC breakdowns of individual Doctor costumes by “Bob”, LJ user “wulfae” shared on the LJ community:
1st Doctor:
2nd Doctor:
3rd Doctor:
4th Doctor:
5th Doctor:
6th Doctor:
7th Doctor:
8th Doctor:
9th Doctor:
10th Doctor:
Old-School Cyberman:
A detailed reference of the question marks on the Doctors’ shirts:

Ace’s M1 Bomber Jacket Breakdown: (by LJ user warmcanofcoke)

The Doctor Who Scarf:

Johanna’s costuming tips:
If you’re going to buy ONE book to learn how to start sewing, I recommend “Singer Sewing Basics”. It’s a skinny blue hardback, which you can find in most used-book stores (don’t bother buying new, it’s ubiquitous) for about $5 or $6. Singer has a whole series of sewing books, of course, focusing on different topics, including “sewing with special fabrics” and that sort of thing.

And, for the construction-oriented person, you can’t miss a visit to – a great website for determining which adhesives will NOT melt the panels in your Dalek costume.

Next Time

@ 1 hour 13 minutes 45 seconds – Next time our discussion topic will be Fandom versus Rose Tyler.

If you have any feedback about any of the topics we’ve discussed, please leave comments on the blog at send audio feedback under three minutes to our GoogleMail address, or direct short comments @BridgingTheRift on Twitter.

Trocking Out

1 hour 14 minutes 20 seconds – We were hoping to trock out with a song about costumes, but we couldn’t really think of anything appropriate. The closest we got was possibly the most extravagant ‘costume’ to ever appear in Doctor Who – The Cyber-King, as ‘worn’ by Miss Hartigan!

Giant Robot by Time Agency:


Bridging the Rift #11: Guilty Pleasures

October 10, 2009

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Warren Frey, one of the founding members of Radio Free Skaro to discuss our Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures guilty pleasures – that’s episodes and plot elements we know aren’t very good but we love anyway.

We also revisit our Funny Fan Comics episode, hear your feedback and talk about our favourite Doctor Who caricatures.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Warren introduces himself:
Warren also blogs for the Canadian Space channel:

Time Travel – Episode Nine: Funny Fan Comics

@ 3 minutes – We look at feedback to episode 5, our Classic Series discussion:

uWho: Matt Smith’s 1st Line (Spoiler!):

The Sketchian Adentures:
Aside 2: Memoirs From The Time War:

Creativity Corner – Caricatures

@ 23 minutes 30 seconds – We talk about our favourite Doctor Who universe caricatures and caricaturists:



League of One:


Main Discussion – Guilty Pleasures

@ 32 minutes 20 seconds – Doctor Who:

The bottom 50 in the DWM Mighty 200 poll:

@ 1 hour 7 minutes 12 seconds – Torchwood:’s least popular Torchwood:;paginator;Top+Episodes

Thrilling Torchwood Tales: (Cyberwoman fan art by acegirl)

@ 1 hour 21 minutes 42 seconds – Sarah Jane Adventures

@ 1 hour 31 minutes 24 seconds – K9 and Company

Next Time

@ 1 hour 34 minutes 30 seconds – Next time we’ll be talking about Doctor Who universe cosplay and costuming.

If you have any feedback about anything we’ve discussed this episode, any guilty pleasures of your own or any caricaturists we overlooked, please leave them in the comments, directed @BridgingTheRift on twitter or emailed to our GoogleMail address.

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 35 minutes 50 seconds – We trock out with a song about the Cat Nuns from the series two episode New Earth, Feline Fettle by trock band Harmonies in Whooville from Derry, New Hampshire, USA. You can hear more from Harmonies In Whooville from their profile at

Bridging the Rift #10: Fandom on Second Life

October 3, 2009

Subwave Network album artWe’re joined by Tim Drury from Living A Second Life and Tim’s Take On podcasts to discuss Doctor Who universe fandom on Second Life.

We also look back to our Conventions episode to hear your opinions on Cosplay, Costuming and the Doctor Who insiders’ use of the term ‘Ming Mongs’.

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Show Notes


@ 1 minute – Tim introduces himself:

Tim’s Twitter:
Living A Second Life Podcast:
Tim’s Take On Podcast:

Time Travel – Episode Eight: Conventions

@ 6 minutes 10 seconds – Sami gives an opinion on the difference between cosplaying and costuming.

@ 12 minutes 48 seconds – Tim talks about his convention experiences:

The Hub Torchwood Convention:

@ 19 minutes 56 seconds – Keir Hardy weighs in on the Doctor Who production team’s use of the term ‘ming mongs’:

Victoria Wood ‘But Doctor, we haven’t got the ming mongs!’:

Urban Dictionary definitions:

YouTube Ming Mong discussion: by StuffTheFrankie

Main Discussion – Second Life

@ 32 minutes 21 seconds – We discuss the various Doctor Who universe locations, characters, props and activities available for Doctor Who and Torchwood fans to enjoy in Second Life:

Second Life:
The Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff, Katrina Website:
Video promo for New Gallifrey & Zenobia Station: by V1ctor1st

Nat’s Podshock Meet-Up Photos:
Tim’s Doctor Who Experience Photos:

Podshock Meet Ups:
Blog post for the last meet up:
Video introduction for the last meet:

Next Time

@ 1 hour 23 minutes 30 seconds – Next time we’ll be talking about our Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures guilty pleasures. Episodes that we know aren’t very good but we love anyway!

If you have any feedback about anything we’ve discussed this episode please leave it in the comments, directed @BridgingTheRift on twitter or emailed to our GoogleMail address.

Trocking Out

@ 1 hour 33 minutes 10 seconds – We trock out with a song about the series 2 episode The Girl In The Fireplace, Clockwork by British trock band Turn Left. Thanks to Georgia from the band for kind permission to use this song. You can find out more about Turn Left on their profile at