Call for submissions for Issue 2: Inspiration

May 9, 2011

Bridging the Rift audio zine’s second issue will be on the subject of inspiration.

Do you have an interesting take on how Doctor Who, its spin offs, its characters or its fandom inspired you or changed your life?

Has a particular character, storyline or concept inspired your career? Are you a better person because of the message of the show? Has it inspired your creativity in ways you never imagined? Has being a part of fandom changed your life for the better?

Please contact us with your submission proposals. We’re looking for short (three to ten minutes) spoken articles, read by their authors.

We’re also looking for Doctor Who fan fiction and fan music to feature in this issue. Do you have a favourite story or song that captures the theme of inspiration? Perhaps featuring the Doctor or another character inspiring someone to change their life or being inspired themself to create something amazing? Do you find a particular story or song particularly inspiring? Please send us your suggestions for fan creativity to feature and we’ll get in contact with their creators.

We had some wonderful feedback for our first issue and we’re keen to do more, but Bridging the Rift can’t go on without submissions from its listeners. If you’d like to hear more from us, please send in your submissions or pass on this message to those who might have submissions of their own!