Two Years On

April 2013 marked two years since our final episode. All the submissions for our planned second episode in the audio zine format fell through, and so the podcast was silently retired in June 2011.

You may have noticed that none of the download links work any longer and that you can no longer subscribe using iTunes or RSS. It was costing more money every month that podcast hosting continued, and after 18 months it just couldn’t be justified any longer.

However all is not lost, you can now download all 24 of our episodes free from Dropbox!

And if you’re still missing us after re-listening to our back catalogue, you can hear us elsewhere…

Erik co-hosts two different monthly podcasts with literary themes:

The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, which reads and reviews a classic Doctor Who book every month

Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room, which looks at Doctor Who writers and reviews their scripts

Katrina co-hosts the Across The Planet Comics podcast and is one of a rotating team of hosts on Verity! Podcast, Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

And Nat guested on episode 18 of Nerdology, discussing The Tomorrow People, Dark Season, the autistic spectrum, and the ‘missing’ fan art special of Bridging The Rift.

Thanks again to everyone who’s given us positive feedback in the past and for all the love we’ve been getting from other podcasters recently. We’re glad you enjoyed the show!

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